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Manitoba, Innovation, Energy and Mines

Mémoires — Manitoba, Innovation, Energy and Mines

Note importante : Le contenu des mémoires et des résumés est de la seule responsabilité de la personne et / ou de l'organisation qui les a rédigés. L'affichage du contenu ne signifie pas que le groupe d'experts appuie ou approuve les propos énoncés. Les mémoires et les résumés sont affichés dans la langue dans laquelle ils ont été rédigés.

Soumissionnaire (s) : Clarkson, John

Résumé : Manitoba believes that the Expert Panel Discussion Paper presents a balanced and fair introduction of the challenges facing Canadian Industry in their requirement to remain internationally competitive and innovative in the 21st century.

By way of this document we offer the following Manitoba perspectives on how federal support for business and commercially-oriented R&D can be optimized to stimulate innovation and create economic opportunity for Canada. The areas of concern that are addressed in Manitoba's response are focused on measurement, finance and taxation, programs and highly qualified personnel.

It is important for Canadian innovation-based firms to be research intensive because they have the closest knowledge of their own strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, constraints and threats. They are thus best positioned to utilize research dollars prudently and to realize and commercialize the benefits of their research.

This is not to discount the value and necessity of working with a range of national and international partners (especially post-secondary institutions) who can bring the range of perspectives and knowledge needed for a venture to succeed. In today's global economy, exports are critical to the growth of innovative Canadian firms and given the limited size of provincial and national markets, Canadian firms must develop exports in order to grow.

Version complète du mémoire : Version PDF, 416 Ko, 6 pages