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Titanium Corporation Inc.

Mémoires — Titanium Corporation Inc.

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Soumissionnaire (s) : Nelson, Scott

Résumé : We are pleased to submit the attached response to the Federal Government's review of R&D. Titanium is a Clean Technology company whose core business is innovation. Our company has pioneered a tailings technology for Oil Sands operators that will provide multiple financial and environmental benefits to its customers. R&D represents a key focus of our company's investment of time, energy and resources as we have worked to bring our product to market. We have benefited from access to R&D from multiple sources and have utilized a number of government supports to accomplish this. However we have also noted that many barriers to commercialization exist. Insular perspectives on R&D that limit collaboration between governments in Canada and between institutions create barriers to innovation and put Canada behind other countries that are fostering collaboration. Capacity to create more collaboration within the academic community and with new institutions that facilitate R&D capacity should be sought. Existing programs such as SR&ED should value research contributions from outside Canada to allow Canadian companies the option to seek the highest quality and most timely research to help them throughout their technologies life cycle. More investment is need in commercialization and with no new money available privatization of portions of the R&D eco-system could increase efficiency and free up existing resources while fostering new institutions with a greater emphasis on commercialization.

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