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Soumissionnaire (s) : Crelinsten, Jeffrey

Résumé : The government has a critical role to play in supporting Canadian business in R&D-intensive sectors of the economy. Business innovation is more than R&D, and there is much confusion about their connection. Business innovation is about new ways of creating value for customers; the innovation does not have to be new to the world, just to the firm or to the customer whose need is met in a new way. Many people believe, erroneously, that innovations must be new to the world to be considered true innovation. They use "innovation" as a synonym for "R&D" or "knowledge creation." By focusing on value creation, government can find a better balance between supporting research and other business activities that are related to identifying customer needs, acquiring and retaining customers, and growing market share, revenue and profits. These other activities include new business models, entrepreneurship, sales and marketing. The government needs to start experimenting with funding these kinds of activities in addition to R&D, including funding that goes to postsecondary learning institutions. Well managed programs that draw on business expertise from industry do not "pick winners". They "back the players" and the winners emerge from the pack.

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