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Mémoires — Synodon

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Soumissionnaire (s) : Banica, Adrian

Résumé : Synodon has developed and commercialized technology to detect gas leaks from natural gas pipelines and other energy infrastructure. The world class technology was pioneered at the University of Toronto and adapted for use on a helicopter in order to detect leaks quickly and efficiently. Canadian universities are major players in the development of new technology, however, oftentimes there is not enough focus on commercializing products and services developed at these institutions despite the amount of capacity they have to conduct cutting edge R&D. There is also a major funding gap at the commercialization stage for technology and it is difficult to find funding even from venture capital organizations. To improve the state of Federal R&D support in Canada, the government can look to programs such as Alberta's AVAC funding organization (which provides high risk capital at essential stages), as well as many funding programs in the United States. At the same time more needs to be done to improve and unify the application process for federal R&D funding in Canada.

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