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Soumissionnaire (s) : Thomas, Mario

Résumé : Ontario Centres of Excellence Inc. (OCE) echoes and supports many of the conclusions made in the "Expert Panel Consultation Paper" of the Review of Federal Support to Research and Development. To extract the greatest value from federal investments in R&D and innovation, OCE believes that great benefits could be derived from increased funding for commercialization programs that would give more market-worthy academic research discoveries the opportunity to transform into businesses that create jobs and generate investment. Currently, there would seem to be an imbalance between R&D funding and commercialization funding, which can hold back Canadian academic research from reaching its market potential. Funding increases should be accompanied by a larger role for commercialization organizations such as OCE, in the areas of industry-research collaboration, talent programs and support of emerging companies. Funding is part of a multi-faceted solution that includes –business mentoring, industry academic relationships, access to networks, resources, the development of the next generation of innovators and support of new entrepreneurs complete the innovation cycle. There already exists a solid network the federal government can build upon. The federal Government might consider engaging provincial organizations to deliver commercialization programs and the OCE structure could be used as a model. This would ensure better integration in the regional community and leverage existing competencies. A successful example of this is OCE's CCR that the Networks of Centres of Excellence (NCE) of Canada asked OCE to host. CCR has extended the capacity of OCE along the commercialization continuum leveraging its competencies and networks which has had a significant and rapid impact on the success of emerging companies from academia.

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