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Soumissionnaire (s) : English, Chad

Résumé : Neptec is a highly successful SME in creating innovative technologies for space, military, and industrial applications, and is the only non-U.S. company to win NASA's George M. Low top contractor award. Our responses to the consultation questions focus on several key areas, particularly addressing errors in the models and assertions of the Consultation Paper. The limitation on innovation is in the process, not access to components, and maximizing innovation means leveling the risk across the process by putting most support at the riskiest points. The focus on "competitive strategies" and "competitive intensity" misunderstands the innovation process. These forces also act to decrease productive innovation and reduce investment in R&D by increasing risk. Innovation comes from simultaneously identifying opportunities to combine IP, market opportunities, and sufficient capital support for mitigating risk to make investments that produce customer value exceeding cost. Canadian incentives appear largely aimed at larger companies, who have the means by not the will to do R&D, despite a dominance of SMEs who have the will by not the means. Finally, we suggest that investment in education and training should not be confused with investment in R&D.

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