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Note importante : Le contenu des mémoires et des résumés est de la seule responsabilité de la personne et / ou de l'organisation qui les a rédigés. L'affichage du contenu ne signifie pas que le groupe d'experts appuie ou approuve les propos énoncés. Les mémoires et les résumés sont affichés dans la langue dans laquelle ils ont été rédigés.

Soumissionnaire (s) : Paterson, Chris

Résumé : The IBM Company is celebrating its Centennial anniversary in 2011. Innovation is our heritage and is at the core of our values, from five Nobel prizes to the state-of-the-art products and services we offer our customers, to the challenges that we tackle in pursuit of our welfare. Our enterprise is in an example of innovation and evolution, from manufacturing, to software, to services to pioneering digital intelligence. IBM Canada established operations almost as long ago in 1917. Today we are one of Canada's largest companies and investors in innovation. Over the last decade, IBM has invested more than $4 Billion in research and development in Canada. The comments below are organized around the principles of achieving business innovation through intelligence, developing the business and technology infrastructure for leveraging intelligence, and recognizing that innovation is driven by intense competition, increasingly within the context of globally integrated supply chains. Further, the success and sustainability of our research and innovation system will be contingent upon meaningful collaboration that is open to all participants and to new forms of leadership, including support for industry-led research and collaboration.

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