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Soumissionnaire (s) : Sharma, Harry

Résumé : The federal government's review of business-oriented R&D funding support comes at a critical point in Canada's economic recovery from the latest recession. In the years ahead, it is important for the government to streamline funding mechanisms and explore synergies among government R&D investments. The time is ripe to invest in infrastructure required for the knowledge economy. A national digital infrastructure for research and innovation that "levels the playing field" for Canadian businesses would allow a greater focus on development and commercialization of innovative products and services and helps build a robust Canadian digital economy.


  • Provide sustained support for a national digital infrastructure which includes an advanced high-speed network coupled with computing and digital storage capabilities as well as the necessary software tools and expertise
  • Invest in a national digital "test platform" to enable
    • Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to develop, test and demonstrate innovative products and services
    • ICT Researchers to collaborate with the private sector and support innovation
    • MNEs to secure global R&D mandates for Canada
  • Play a more proactive role as the "first customer" for relevant ICT technologies from the Canadian private sector, in particular Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

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