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Soumissionnaire (s) : Manley, John

Résumé : Building on a long history of advocacy in support of measures to sustain economic growth, the Canadian Council of Chief Executives in 2010 helped to launch the Coalition for Action on Innovation in Canada, representing a diverse group of leaders from the private sector, academia and the research community. Our goal was to build consensus around a priority list of actions that could be implemented quickly at little or no cost to governments. For example, we recommended that Canada improve its protection of intellectual property so as to create a more attractive environment for investment in new products and processes. We suggested that the federal government launch a review of the Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) tax credit program with the goal of making it more broadly, consistently and predictably accessible. And we urged closer cooperation between Canadian companies and educational institutions, acknowledging that the private sector must become better at moving ideas out of labs and into the marketplace. In all, the Coalition put forward proposals for action in 10 areas. Taken together, we believe that they would make a real difference in putting our country on track toward an innovative and prosperous future.

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