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Canadian Clean Technology Coalition

Mémoires — Canadian Clean Technology Coalition

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Soumissionnaire (s) : Bak, Celine

Résumé : The Canadian Clean Technology Coalition is an alliance of companies and stakeholders who are moving products and know-how into the Canadian and global green technology marketplace. The Canadian clean technology industry is comprised of more than 400 SMEs who together make up a $2 billion industry that is poised to become a $10 billion innovation-based industry in the next 5 years. In 2009, the Business Expenditure in Research and Development (BERD) of Canadian clean energy SMEs operating in energy efficiency, clean transportation and clean power was, in absolute terms, comparable to that of large companies (SMEs: $329 million versus $344 million for large companies). Canadian clean technology SMEs are establishing the beachhead for one of Canada's next innovation-based industries through their extensive and consistent R&D investments. Three federal programs are very highly regarded by Canadian clean technology SMEs. These are SR&ED, IRAP and the SDTC's SD Tech Fund. In addition, two recommendations were made: streamline and simplify federal R&D programs so that companies do not require specialized service providers and develop comprehensive and mutually reinforcing policies and programs for domestic technology adoption that will provide vital domestic references to increase the global competitiveness and export potential of these companies. The US, Germany, Korea, Japan and China are each deploying strong domestic technology adoption policies as a foundation for their export promotion strategies. Why not Canada?

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