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Soumissionnaire (s) : Morison, Kip

Résumé : Although government provides an amenable financial environment for Canadian firms to conduct research and development, there is a gap in financial support for innovative businesses that support developing technology as it moves toward commercialization. These innovative businesses are the early adopters, who implement new processes and acquire new devices before they are firmly commercialized. Also, it is worthwhile reviewing federal and provincial programs that serve the same community to ensure they are synchronized rather than identical.

Identifying technology sectors and facilitating commercialization through targeted capital programs would recognize the diversity of industry sectors in Canada, while ensuring the right support is in place for each respective sector. It is unlikely that an established industry, with firmly set markets will be incented to transform or re-invent their business. The IT sector however, thrives on new business models, new processes and ever evolving products. A single program to enable R&D for both sectors seems improbable.

In recognition of the challenges in managing beneficial relationships between academic and business institutions, BC Hydro and the BC Institute of Technology have developed a Scorecard approach to managing their intelligent microgrid project. Using a set of predetermined metrics they measure progress toward a diverse set of goals, from developing designs and protocols for new devices, to training and certifying the workforce required to implement and operate new technologies. BC Hydro invites the panel to tour the collaboration at the BCIT Microgrid Project and to review the Scorecard approach to managing the business-academia relationship.

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